feature 5

Wavemachine Labs has just released the fifth version of their popular drum replacement software Drumagog. With a redesigned graphic interface and a clutch of new features, this version is sure to impress both longtime users and newcomers.

Drumagog 5 ($149.99 Basic) is a tool that allows you to replace recorded drum sounds. Insert the plugin on the individual track you want to replace, such as kick or snare, and choose a new sound – whether it’s from a sample library, software instrument, or a different recording. Drumagog automatically replaces each snare hit with your new sound. Version 5 boasts an updated alignment algorithm (Auto-Align 2.0), and a new triggering engine that promises to more accurately track each individual hit, including drum rolls and flams. Room Samples are another new addition to Drumagog. Up to three room samples can be triggered from a single drum hit, and you can balance the levels in the plugin’s mixer interface.

Some of the new features are only available in the Platinum version of the plugin ($379.99). These include:

Auto Hi-Hat Tracking – This feature will adjust the hi-hat replacement track to accurately match whether the original hi-hat was open or closed.

Plugin Hosting – Open virtual instruments in the plugin itself to access a much wider array of replacement sounds.

Convolution Reverb – Use Drumagog’s impulse responses (or your own) to control the sound of the room. Includes adjustable room size, offset, delay, and wet/dry ratio.

MorphlEngine – Designed to ‘reshape’ each drum sound, so you can find exactly the tone you’re looking for. This particular feature is worth hearing for yourself! Check it out in the video below. –Mike Bauer