Some of the most classic amplifiers in history featured on-board reverb and tremolo effects, which, due to their great design and build quality, sounded spectacular. VHT Amplification came out with a guitar pedal that takes these two classic vintage effects and brings them into the modern era. Dubbed the Melo-Verb, this new stompbox offers reverb and a tremolo that – like in those amps – can be used individually or together, while independent true-bypass switching ensures clarity of signal path.

Controls for the tremolo are the tried-and-true ‘Speed’ to set the rate of the effect, ‘Intensity’ for depth, with added ‘Shape’ and ‘Level’ knobs as well. ‘Shape’ adjusts the type of waveform from a more mellow sine wave to a choppier square wave. ‘Level’ is an output level control to combat volume loss, quite typical in tremolos. You can also set it higher and use it as a boost for solos, or a more pronounced effected tone. The reverb side offers ‘Dwell’ which controls the size of the reverb, ‘Tone’ to tailor the the reverb sound from a darker/vintage tone to a brighter/modern sound, and ‘Mix’ – a dry/wet blend.

With great tone, amazing build quality, and a price point to die for (street price around $120), VHT has a little gem on their hands here. – Brandon Stoner