Crazy Tube Circuits has perfected the art of marrying the analog and digital worlds to create some of the most versatile and innovative guitar pedals that exist on the flooded boutique market today.

The Splash Reverb Mk3 continues this tradition with three settings, each utilizing a unique algorithm. Setting 1 is labeled “Exciter” and offers sounds with just a touch of space to synthy textures. The second setting generates a more spacious reverb effect offering anything from spring sounds to larger halls. The final setting is a huge sound that offers cavernous reverberation.

Controls are simple. ‘Excite’ and ‘Decay’ knobs allow the player to tailor the sound of the selected reverb. ‘Excite’ adds harmonics and predelay (on some settings) to the sound, and ‘Decay’ controls the length of the reverb tail. There are dry/wet mix and output volume controls as well.

I’m a huge fan of reverb pedals and I’ve tried a lot of them: The Splash has me very intrigued. – Brandon Stoner