Seamoon Funk Filter

Filters change your instrument’s tone quite radically, and because of this, musicians who use them get very picky about them – just ask any synth enthusiast.

When it comes to pedals, the filter niche is rather small and mostly confined to funk, a genre whose sound was forged in the late ’60s and early ’70s. During those years, a very spartan looking pedal became very popular among guitarists and bassists for that signature “auto-wah”funk sound.

At NAMM 2020 Seamoon announced a recreation of this legendary pedal. Not as no-frills as the original, the new Funk Filter offers the same fully analog tone as the original, with extra control through the four knobs: Frequency, Depth (sensitivity), Blend and Volume.

The toggle switch on top of the pedal activates an onboard preamp that adds a little extra boost to the tone.

The Seamoon Funk Filter is, in all likelihood, a pedal all funk-heads should have in their arsenal – check out the videos below.