Loe Sounds is a boutique pedal company run by two queer female artists based in upstate New York. The in-house designer is Aisha Loe, mostly known for the quirky, but beloved by many, Atari Fuzz and her knack for using recycled circuits and materials to build her company’s one-of-a-kind stompboxes.

The Super Fuzz is Aisha’s take on the classic circuit by the same name. Sporting carefully selected vintage transistors and Germanium diodes, the pedal features a tone knob instead of the original’s mid-scoop switch, and a more usable gain range through the Expander (gain) knob, that can take you from overdrive territory all the way to the circuit’s signature fuzz apocalypse.

Check out the video below, where the Leo Sounds Super Fuzz is put to the test through several guitars and also a bass. You can hear an interview with Loe here.

A rippin’ fuzz of the nastiest variety! This version of the classic Superfuzz circuit performs equally well for guitar, bass, or whatever else you wanna run through it. Instead of a mids scoop switch like the original version, ours has a Tone knob for maximum versatility. Built into a pedal board-friendly-sized enclosure (custom orders for other sized enclosures are available as well. Just ask!).

*Powder-coated 125b-sized aluminum enclosure
*Hand-etched face plate (each one takes over 3 hours to make!)
*Vintage transistors, measured & matched to optimum specs
*Vintage glass Germanium diodes, measured & matched to optimum specs
*Sliver mica capacitors
*Lumberg power jack
*Vimex footswitch
*Kingbright orange LED
*Japanese aluminum knobs
*Completely handmade
*All hand-soldered, using high quality silver-bearing solder
*No SMT! Only full-sized, through hole, high quality components used
*Free shipping in the CONUS! (We ship only via USPS – Priority, Insured)
We do ship elsewhere, please inquire for international shipping quote.