MXR has been rolling out some new overdrive designs lately, and have teamed up with legendary amp designer Shin Suzuki to present the Shin-Juku Drive. Providing a dynamic, amp-like feel, the Shin-Juku drive is great at pushing your amp’s front end or as an overdrive pedal.

Yet another 3 knob design, with the standard ‘Gain’, ‘Tone’, and ‘Output’ controls. On top of that, there is a ‘Dark’ switch that acts as a low pass filter which helps you tailor the sound to your specific style and rig.

If you’re looking for a high-gain lead sound, you have to look elsewhere. There’s a lot of things that the Shin Juku does really well, but that style of lead sound is not one of them. What it does really well is providing low gain rhythm and bluesy lead sounds right at home for all styles of rock, country, blues and more. – Stoner