As it’s abundantly clear from its name, the Loe Sounds Germanium Blow is a fuzz based on a Germanium diode. Built by hand by Aisha Loe, one of the few female pedal designers out there (no, seriously, we can’t count more than 4 in total), the Blow delivers thick and chewy tone reminiscent of classic fuzzes of the ’70s.

Apparently, the germanium components (and also the very cool knobs!) used for this small batch of pedals were extracted from some old audio equipment about to be disposed of.

Embedded in a circuit featuring quality components like NOS Zetex/Ferranti silicon transistors and Panasonic capacitors, they became the pulsing heart of this two-knob device.

Loe Sounds Germanium Blow Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The LOE Germanium Blow is a two-knob fuzz with lots of thick, chewy, fuzzy goodness on tap. It’s designed to be simple and easy to use, with big ’70s vibes. We salvaged the sweet Germanium transistors from old audio equipment that was headed straight for the landfill. Those are much too precious to be going to waste! It’s difficult to find them nowadays, especially in proper spec for fuzz.


* NOS Zetex/Ferranti silicon transistors, measured & selected for optimum performance
*Salvaged Germanium transistor nestled into a Phenolic socket
*Hand-built and wired
*Panasonic and WIMA metal film capacitors
*Panasonic and Nichicon electrolytic capacitors
*Panasonic and VRN internal trim potentiometers
*Alpha 16mm potentiometers
*NOS KOA carbon foil resistors
*Vintage Raytheon knobs from salvage
*Lumberg power jack (9-volt, center negative operation)
*125B size powder-coated enclosure that glows in the dark!
*Diffused green bypass indicator lamp
*Custom engraved name badge
*Easy-click foot switch, wired for true bypass operation
*Runs on 9-volt DC (center negative) power


-The left knob controls the Volume
-The right knob controls the amount of Fuzz

*Germanium transistors are sensitive to heat. We recommend storing any pedal that contains Germanium components in a place where temperatures do not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum operation.