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Until recently, the guitarists interested in recreating organ-like sounds had to rely on pitch shifters and whammy effects. Needless to say, although very cool, those effects sound nothing like a real organ. Then Electro Harmonix came out with the B9 Organ Machine…

Today, the NYC based company is raising the bar once again with the newly released C9. Where the B9 featured many types of Hammond sounds, the C9 branches out into many other kinds of organs.

Offering 9 of the most sought after organ sounds in rock history, the C9 allows to conjure legendary sounds from such artists as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles The Doors, Emerson Lake and Palmer and more.

The controls are straight­forward and need little explanation. A 9 ­position knob allows for selection of the presets, while the Organ Level controls output. There is also a blend control to dial in the right balance of clean signal. Mod and Click controls allow for fine tuning of the modulation and attack, resulting in a surprisingly realistic simulation.

If you’re looking to add some really far out sounds to your pedalboard, the Electro ­Harmonix C9 Organ Machine might well be worth a look. – Brandon Stoner