One of the guitar world’s leading innovators of unique effects has done it again. The DigiTech Dirty Robot is a little bit synthesizer, a little bit pitch shifter, and a lot of fun.

There are 2 different synth voices to choose from via toggle switch. The first recalls the sounds of vintage analog synths, and the second provides a more “vocal” effect similar to a talk box. The ‘Drift’ knob lets you change the waveform between Octave, Square, and Sub sounds. There is on-board modulation that provides a vibrato effect which is available via momentary switch, just like a mod wheel on a real synthesizer. Stereo I/O allows for some cool routing options, making the Dirty Robot useful on a variety of signals.

While certainly not for every player, the Dirty Robot lets your imagination run wild. It can cover a lot of sounds and inspire you to come up with some very innovative tones of your own. – Stoner