Blammo! Slob Clean Octave Blend Fuzz

Portland (OR) based Blammo! Electronics just unveiled a new pedal inspired by the very popular (and very pricey) circuit of the Prescription Electronics COB – an acronym that stands for Clean Octave Blend. Enter the Slob, a hand-made $149 compact clone of the COB with a few updates like soft switching and a quieter operation.

This is a fairly simple but great-sounding 3-knob octave-up fuzz pedal, where the Level andĀ Blend controls do what you expect them to do, and theĀ Octave one sets the intensity of the higher Octave.

Check out the first demo of the Blammo! Slob Clean Octave Blend Fuzz, below.

The Slob from BLAMMO! is a handcrafted clone of the Prescription Electronics Clean Octave Blend, but with a few convenient updates. The bypass system has been upgraded to a no-click relay based true-bypass footswitch, the enclosure is smaller with top mounted jacks making it more pedal board friendly, and we beefed up the power filtering section to clean up more of the background muck.

*Soft switching
*Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers
*High quality components
*Manufactured PCB (designed by BLAMMO!)
*Hand silkscreened graphic
*3mm on/off LED
*9vDC power input (2.1mm center negative)