J.Rockett Archer Clean

With the Archer, in 2015 J.Rockett Audio Designs released one of the most sought-after Klon clones.

In the last couple of years, the Nashville-based manufacturer has been playing on that pedal’s format by introducing, first, a pedal combining the Archer’s overdrive circuit with a graphic EQ, and now, a version of the Archer without the gain section, called Archer Clean, which is simply “an exact recreation of the clean boost side of a Klon” which colors your tone with that pedal’s classic mid-range character.

Here are some videos of the J.Rockett Archer Clean.

J.Rockett Archer Clean, Builder’s Notes

The Archer Clean is based on the famous Klon circuit minimally using the iconic diodes giving it almost no gain, but an exact recreation of the clean boost side with the ability to add the sought after Klon midrange.