TWA Octoverdrive

Those looking for scary tone might have a new option on the table with the Halloween-themed TWA Octoverdrive, a limited edition,  dual-channel drive pedal made for guitar and bass based on obslete, or – to remain in theme – “back from the dead” Selenium diodes.

The two footswitchable channels are appropriately named Treat and Trick, with the former delivering a tube-like, harmonically rich overdrive, and the latter adding a high-octave harmonic without lacking in lower-end content. The Drive knob sets the amount of saturation for both channels, while Blend lets you reintegrate some clean tone for extra dynamics.

A 3-band EQ lets you cut and boost lows, mids and highs, while the Jack O’Lantern LED display is bound to inspire some creepy riffs as soon as you turn this pedal on!

TWA Octoverdrive, Builder’s Notes

  • 100% Original and Unique Drive Circuit based around obsolete SELENIUM DIODES.
  • TREAT channel – A thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive
  • TRICK channel – Adds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive that retains low-end while also boosting output level
  • Footswitchable channel selection with LED indicators
  • 3-band cut/boost EQ – Lows, Mids, and Highs
  • Dry Blend control – Blends clean signal with drive
  • Scary sounds with Guitar or Bass!
  • Jack O’Lantern LED display lights when pedal is engaged!
  • 9 VDC power (external power source required)
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching
  • Made in USA