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Today our beloved readers can get the chance to win a really cool, hand-built effect inspired by the Systech Harmonic Energizer – the TWA Triskelion Mk III!

Inspired by the Systech Harmonic Energizer that was used by the likes of Frank Zappa, Joe Walsh, and other 70’s icons, the Triskelion is a mid-range booster with adjustable gain. It can do many things to your tone by emphasizing different frequencies, just like a parametric mic EQ with adjustable Q would. It can also push your amp into sustained, harmonic feedback, even at low volumes.

Here are a few examples of the tones you can get from the Triskelion (click link for video):

Mids push into overdrive
Clean Lo-Fi tone
Lead guitar tone (with extra footswitch)
’70s-style distorted rhythm guitar tone
Driving the front end of an amp
Cocked wah tone at various frequencies
Used with an Expression pedal

Check out the full video below and sign up below!

This contest has ended


We recorded the winner picking process on this Facebook page and pasted a screenshot below. The winner is Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA.