digitech polara reverb1

Just in time to stuff those stockings and with another stompbox, DigiTech has a new one out that will catch your attention both sonically and visually. In early November, DigiTech launched their new Polara Stereo Reverb pedal, which not only delivers seven settings of studio quality reverbs but it also comes encased in a notably hallucinatory design.

The Polara’s primary reverb settings were initially co-designed with Lexicon – the pioneer of digital reverb – to ensure consistency and studio reliability. So, this stompbox handles all the basics including Room, Hall, Plate, and Spring reverb with ease and also includes some spooky takes on reverse reverb and modulated reverb. The big selling point though for DigiTech is their new “Halo” effect which applies cascading octaves to creates an angelic harmonized reverb. This is a great tone akin to what many reverb pedals describe as their “shimmer” tone. These shimmers are becoming quite popular seem to be driving a bit of a surge in new reverb pedal designs. This is a cool way to get almost an orchestral soundtrack feel to your guitar tone and fill up a lot of sonic real estate.

While the Halo effect is certainly cool, perhaps the most notable draw in my mind for the Digitech Polara is the price. While boutique manufacturers of comparable pedals would probably range between $225 and $300, the Polara retails for around $150.