Based in Albany, Oregon, Pettyjohn Electronics is a new-ish face in the community of boutique pedal manufacturers, but one that is receiving a certain amount of attention (and flattering reviews). Entirely focused, at least for now, on the dirt and color realms, they have been releasing six all analog pedals since 2014 , all featuring distinctive character and looks:

Their bigger hit to date seems to be the PreDrive, their first pedal, a true studio army knife for tone shaping and light saturation. Their latest, unveiled in the fall of 2016, is called Fuze and it’s the first of their stompboxes to tackle fuzz, through a hybrid distortion/fuzz design.

Two separate gain circuits for each distortion type can be blended at will through the “mix” knob, and an interesting placement of the Low EQ before the gain stages allows for cleaner distorted tones when needed. A three way toggle switch sets the gain level for the fuzz, from moderate to… devastating!

If you are wondering how it sounds, words are useless… here are two videos for you!