hotone binary pedals

Hotone Audio’s just released four new pedals under the Binary Series label, and visitors of the 8th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit will be able to try them for the first time.

These effects delivers pro-level amp, cabinet, delay and modulation tones in small but powerful stompboxes.

Based on the same modeling/original effect library used in Hotone’s popular XTOMP pedal, the affordable Binary Series includes the Amp, IR Cab, Eko and Mod pedals. Each delivers high-quality effects in a compact case with dual footswitches, versatile inputs/outputs and a bright, clear display. The pedals also feature a USB jack for upgrading the firmware and loading/managing effects via the free Mac/PC software.

At the core of all Binary Series pedals, a powerful dual-DSP platform and CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling) modeling system ensure a realistic playing experience. The CDCM system is built on an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry: Everything is ALIVE and performs like its original.

The Binary Amp amplifier simulator delivers 16 classic guitar amp models, each with its own high-quality cab simulators. It includes 100 guitar and bass cab models created via impulse response (IR), 11 studio microphone models and 8 power amp models with presence control. Five translucent knobs with LEDs give control over Volume, Mic Position (X, Y and Z axis) and Mic Type. Other features include 10 presets (5 x 2 banks) and a built-in effect loop that lets users expand their sound even further.

The Binary IR Cab is an impulse response-based cabinet simulator that delivers 100 vintage and modern guitar and bass cab models. Like the Binary Amp pedal, it includes 11 classic studio microphone and 8 power amp models, as well as a variety of detailed mic position (X, Y, Z) and room simulations. Other features include 100 presets and built-in reverb simulation. The IR Cab also supports third-party IR files, allowing you to build a bigger library of guitar and bass cabinet models.

The Binary Eko is a delay effect pedal with stereo I/O and expression pedal support. It features high-quality algorithms for 17 delay types, including analog, digital, tape, dual, ping-pong, filtered, modulated, slap back and others. There are controls for Mix (wet/dry), A and B (functions vary with the chosen effect), Feedback and Time. Other features include 10 presets (5 x 2 banks), tap-tempo and variable maximum delay time ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 ms.

The Binary Mod is a modulation effect pedal with stereo I/O and expression pedal support for delivering authentic classic modulation effects, as well as Hotone’s original sounds. It features 24 high-quality modulation effects, include choruses, flangers, phasers, tremolos, rotary speaker simulators, vibratos, wahs, detuners and more. There are controls for Effect Level, A and B (functions vary with the chosen effect), Depth and Rate. Other features include 10 presets (5 x 2 banks) and tap tempo.

To learn more, check out the videos in the gallery above, and visit Hotone Audio.