TC Electronic June-60 V2

The June-60 by TC Electronic is based off of the chorus found in Roland’s revered Juno synthesizers. Perfect for classic ’80s chorus sounds, this effect has a set of controls that could not be simpler: a slider switch that selects between mono and stereo functionality and two buttons that determine the type of chorus effect.

There are only 3 settings – 1, 2, or a combination of both. The first setting is a fairly mellow chorusing sound, while the second is faster and a little deeper and a third a faster sine wave chorus. The pedal keeps as small a footprint as possible, and due to this the stereo output needs a Y cable to split the signal to stereo.

Version 2, released in 2021, represent a major circuit redesign, notwithstanding the almost identical look. It offers input that’s compatible with line input (thanks to an internal switch), and two internal dip switches that allow, if tweaked, assign a faster LFO rate to each of the two pedal presets, with the “Slow” setting matching the speed of the original Roland Juno keyboard.

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These are the videos of V1.