coriolis effect

The Catalinbread Coriolis Effect blends a glitching effect, and octaver, wah, filter and harmonizer into one all-encompassing, yet easy-to-use box. Just three knobs and two footswitches combine to give you one of the most expressive boxes at this year’s NAMM show.

Named after a phenomenon in physics in which one frame rotates in relation to an inertial frame, Catalinbread’s newest box somehow distills this into an effect, letting you manipulate a signal within the confines of a bigger one, namely the ability to freeze and manipulate that frozen chunk of signal therein.

There is a ton more to talk about, including its 2-pole filter, octave-down capabilities and extensive expression options, but you can see it yourself in the video below or at NAMM 2019. – Nicholas Kula

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.


The Coriolis™ Effect is a phenomenon in classical mechanics where a trajectory becomes altered due to a rotating frame of reference. The Catalinbread® Coriolis™ Effect has three main parameters to change the equations of motion for your guitar signal. Turning down the Velocity and Acceleration controls drags your playing into the heart of a black hole, redshifting your tone into a lower pitch and filtering out the high frequencies. The Hold button will instantly pull you into the black hole stopping time completely. Plug in and explore where humanity has never shredded before! In short: Think of the Coriolis™ Effect as a sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter, and harmonizer rolled into one—the sonic possibilities are endless!