New stompbox manufacturer NashPedals has a bit of a dual namesake as it was founded by Nash Probst in early 2011 and it also happens to be based in Nashville. Nash began in the early days by focusing mostly on true bypass loopers, other routing pedals and auxiliary pedals before expanding in to the full range of overdrives and boosts offered today.

Nash is gearing up for the future with big plans on the horizon, “We will be previewing two new pedals at Summer NAMM 2015,” founder Nash Probst described via email – and they will do that at our Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit! “We have a new hybrid transistor fuzz called Sudden Impact and a stereo version of our beloved Bronco Billy boost pedal (check out the demo of the mono version below). And then after the first of the year, we’re planning to cater to our bass playing friends and maybe work our way into some modulation options.”

Nash Probst doesn’t aim to be the big guy, but rather as he puts it, “NashPedals has never really had dreams of being a pedal ‘giant’. I like being the small guy. We’re slow and steady. I’ll sell somewhere between 100-150 pedals this year and make plans to have enough money to do it again next year.”

He also personally tests all of his pedals individually on his own rig before approving them for sale.

Musically, Nash is both a musician and a fan. He spent his early years playing lead guitar in bands like The Tide and So Long Forgotten, and this year he’s hitting the road with a new country artist by the name of Jordan Davis.

His favorite bands today tend to be well-known entities, “My all time favorite band is U2,” he explained. “I was fortunate enough to see them in Chicago on this latest tour. But I love a lot of music, like the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Ryan Adams to more indie acts like The National, Bon Iver, and Lovedrug. And I’ll even dance in the car to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake.”

Currently, NashPedals has eight pedals in the lineup which generally come in smallish casings with great minimalistic artwork. The lineup includes an impressive array of overdrives (The Outlaw, The Nash808), a series of amp style pedals (The Gran Torino, The Gauntlet), and some utility pedals (The Enforcer Preamp, The Bronco Billy boost). It looks like this “little guy” has big things coming, so keep an eye out for NashPedals at NAMM 2015 and beyond.