The Stompbox Exhibit has had a presence at the NAMM shows since 2013, mainly with the purpose of allowing emerging manufacturers to be able to showcase their products at these important conventions at a fraction of the cost.

After the SXSW 2015 Stompbox Exhibit in March showcased 36 pedal companies and attracted about 3,000 musicians (pictures here), many manufacturers trusted us to display their product at the 2015 SNAMM show, forcing us to get – for the first time at a NAMM show – two 10×10 booths.

Here’s the full list of participating manufacturers; Summer NAMM attendees will find us at booth #1348.

Adventure Audio
Big Ear n.y.c.
DLS Effects
Fairfield Circuitry
Fuse Electronics
Humboldt Pedals
Main Ace FX
Malekko Heavy Industry
Nash Pedals
Neunaber Audio Effects
Outlaw Effects
Red Panda Lab
T-Rex Effects
Tribute Audio
Valeton Effects


The event will also be sponsored by PRS Guitars, Stompblox Pedalboards and AKG Headphones. Each one of these companies will provide essential equipment for the exhibit.


The Stompbox Exhibit’s booth from SNAMM 2014

The beauty of Summer NAMM is that – unlike its bigger Winter brother – press and buyers have less distractions, and can spend quality time getting to know product by “emerging” companies like the ones represented in our booth.

The Stompbox Exhibit organizers