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We saw many, many, many, waaay too many interesting things at NAMM this year, but what really fired our imagination was ZVex‘s midi triggered light show system – which also includes stompboxes of courseĀ  – although we haven’t yet figured out yet what those pedals do exactly… what’s for sure, is that you can’t connect them to your amp (unless you put a light inside it).

IMG 0017The system allows you to create a music synchronized show during your live performance using your keyboard or sequencer’sĀ Midi Out signal – check out the video around minute 2.00 for a thorough explanation directly from Mr. Zachary Vex. Brilliant idea in these times of DIY everything.

ZVex, who this year celebrates its 20 year anniversary (congrats!), also presented a multi-pedal stompbox monster called the “BOMB POP,” featuring five of their most popular effects (a Fuzz Factory 7, a Double Rock, a Lo-Fi Junkie, a Wha Probe, and the appropriately named Super Hard On Boost. Unlike most boxes of this nature, the effects here can be patched differently thanks to dedicated in and outs that override the hardwired, preset order.

For those who like more “normal” pedals, Zvex also presented two versions of the Wolly Mammoth, check out the video for more details.