walrus luminary

Edgy engineering and thinking outside the (stomp) box are two of the qualities that allowed Walrus Audio to become one of the most buzz-worthy (and best selling) emerging manufacturers of the 10’s (by the way, why does it sound so weird to say that, “the 10’s”?).

At NAMM 2015 these young Oklahomans (both founders are in their late twenties) confirmed their personal approach to effects presenting three intriguing new pedals.

The Luminary (top picture) gives you 4 octave generators (-2, -1, +1 and +2) with wet/dry mix, an interesting attack/fade-in feature and a filter that can be used to blend in the trebly high octaves.

The Vanguard is a dual phaser that can create ever changing warbly sounds, originated from the interaction between the two effects, which are stacked on top of each other.

The Bellwether is a more traditional Analog Delay based on the classic Bucket Brigade chip, also featuring EQ and Modulation circuits for warmer tones and effects ranging from tape delay flutter to flat out weirdness .


Check out the video below for a description coming directly from Walrus Audio’s stompbox creator Colt Westbrook.