Nashville’s Mythos Pedals is joining the growing trend of releasing collaborative pedals with established pedal videographers, in this case R.J. Ronquillo, who first approached the builder about the idea of having his favorite Mythos overdrive in the same stompbox as an echo pedal.

The SusMaryOsep! (a common Filipino slang word) is a 3-in-1 do-it-all pedal that offers a clean boost with up to 20db of gain, the company’s Herculean V2 overdrive, and a simple echo circuit whose Time and Feedback can be change through internal trimpots. Each circuit has its own footswitch.

A unique collaboration between Mythos Pedals and guitarist R.J. Ronquillo! The SusMaryOsep! is a 3-in-1 do it all pedal that offers players a clean boost, the Herculean V2 overdrive, and simple yet musical echo circuit.

In early 2019 R.J. approached me to put the Herculean V2 and a slap echo in one box. Initially the idea was just for echo to have a single mix control, eventually we added a Time and Feedback trim controls to the side. We added the boost after the name came, SusMaryOsep is a common Filipino slang word and we think is befitting of this 3-in-1 stompbox. The color, had to be a strong Teal and while the LEDs don’t look it, they light up a bright Pink!

  • Tight/Punchy clean boost with slight boost at minimum and approx. 20dB at max.

  • Herculean V2 offers up clear and bright to dark and smokey overdrive sounds.

  • Echo circuit features a PT2399 chip with approx. 450ms of delay time. External Mix slider with side accessible Time and Feedback trimpots.

  • Top Mount Jacks

  • True Bypass Switching

  • Top quality jacks, switches, pots, and components throughout.

Mythos Pedals would like to thank Jordan Clayton of Pine Box Customs for his help with PCB design/layout.