The MXR Uni-Vibe is a bread-and-butter but great-sounding 3-knob stompbox with chorus/vibrato switch in a compact case.

It delivers the classic pitch-modulated sound of a vintage Uni-Vibe unit with or without the dry signal mixed in (in the latter case producing a chorus effect. Controls allow setting the modulation Speed and Depth, while the Level knob is useful in matching the wet sound volume to the dry one.

We added it to our comprehensive guide to the best Uni-Vibe pedals.

MXR Uni-Vibe, Builder’s Notes

The MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato delivers the same lush, chewy textures that players have used since the late ’60s. Updated with modern gigging players in mind, this effect now it comes in a standard MXR housing—a fraction of the size and weight of the original—with true bypass switching.

With its simple three-knob interface, you can dial in the effect to your taste in short order. First, use the VIBE switch to select either Chorus Mode—dry signal mixed with pitch-shifted signal—or Vibrato Mode—only pitch-shifted signal. Then, use the LEVEL control to set the effect volume, the SPEED control to set the sweep rate, and the DEPTH control to set overall intensity.

Put the MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato on your board and expand your tonal palette.