moog mf 108m

In scientific terms, flux is the rate of movement of some energy or matter. When something is in a state of flux, it is changing from one state to another. In audio terms, the Cluster Flux is modulating your audio signal in one or more ways at any given moment.
In the broadest sense, the Cluster Flux is a chorus/flanger pedal. These two modes are selectable via a rocker switch labeled “range”. It is in fact setting a shorter or longer delay line, .6 to 10 ms for flange, 5 to 50 ms for chorus, based on the setting for the “time” control.

Things start to get interesting when we move over to the modulation controls on the right. First we find 6 selectable LFO waveforms, which control how your delayed audio signal is modulated. Sine waves will create the most familiar chorus and flange effects, while the square and triangle waves create something a little more jagged/percussive, and with the random LFO things can just get weird!

The pedal has a standard “rate” knob for the speed of your oscillation, but that’s just the beginning. There’s also a tap tempo switch, which is very handy for syncing your modulation to the beat of a song. This already sets this effect module apart from the pack. But take a look at the front of this unit and see that’s just the beginning. You can also control the rate with an external controller, like an expression pedal — AND every other parameter on the unit as well. Keyboard players’ and producers’ ears should start perking up, this is a serious effects unit!

While you’re looking at the ins and outs, you might just notice a MIDI jack. Yes, every parameter on the pedal (and several more “hidden” ones) are controllable via MIDI. So if you’re tap tempo skills aren’t that good (especially while using your sustain pedal) you can sync the Cluster Flux’s modulation down to the tick via MIDI Clock.

Regardless of how you sync or control it, there really are clusters of tones coming out of this little wonder. This thing feels as cool and as tough as it looks.. and it sounds even better. Am I gonna get one myself? Flux yeah! – Matt Rocker