PL 1

Last year, Mooer Audio introduced its Micro Preamp series of mini digital preamp pedals, which features sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. There are currently 17 Micro Preamps covering a full range of tones for all musical styles.

The big news for 2018 is Mooer’s new Preamp Live, which can store 12 Micro Preamps from the range. Hook Preamp Live up to your computer via USB and pick the Micro Preamps you want to load in.

Preamp Live stores the 12 sounds in three banks—A, B and C—each of which has four channels. All banks and channels can be selected using the four foot switches on the unit. There are knobs for Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain that let you tweak the tone to your taste and then save it to each channel. The unit also has a clean Boost knob that can be set Pre or Post. All of the controls have LED surrounds to indicate each knob’s position on a darkened stage.

In addition, there are master controls for Volume, Presence, FX Blend (for use with the built-in effect loop) and Cabinet Simulation (switchable between the main 1/4-inch output and the XLR output).

PL 2

Connections include a standard 1/4-inch input, 1/4-inch and XLR outputs, effect loop, USB, power and a headphone jack for private practice.

Watch the Preamp Live in the videos below (the fourth one was shot at our very booth at NAMM 2018!), and visit Mooer Audio for more information.

The Mooer PREAMP LIVE houses 12 preamp channels of your choice and provides a platform for guitarists to setup and control their amp tones in any live situation with intuitive controls.

CAB SIM: Preamp Live has a built-in speaker cab sim with independent control for each channel. Load your own IR files with the software. Control cab sim for XLR and Out with toggle switches.

BOOST: Each preamp channel has an independent Boost that can be configured for Pre or Post preamp section. Pre boost has humped mid and slight drive; post is totally transparent.

NOISE GATES: Each preamp channel has an independent, dual programmable adjustable noise gates.

EFFECTS LOOP: Preamp LIVE house 2 different kinds of effects loops: serial and A/B Loop. Serial is a buffered loop with adjustable send level. With the A/B Loop you use a 4 cable method to connect your Preamp Live to your guitar amplifier.

TONE CAPTURE: Tone Capture samples an external device such as an amplifier, drive pedal, or guitar, and creates an EQ that can be used live or shared. Each channel in the Preamp LIVE can store its own tone capture.

SOFTWARE: Mooer have developed a brand new software platform for the Preamp LIVE. There are versions for MAC and PC that connect through the USB port. Preamp Live also houses a Bluetooth module. The software allows for deep editing and access to extra features.


  • 12 independent preamp

  • Pre and Post BOOST for each channel

  • Dual independent noise gates for each channel

  • Easy accessible global controls

  • Optional independent speaker cab sim

  • Load custom IR with software

  • Fully programmable effects loop, serial & A/B

  • TONE CAPTURE to sample your own amp and create your own sounds

  • Dedicated headphone out

  • Fully mappable MIDI IN & OUT

  • USB and Bluetooth connects to PC, MAC, and Mobile App