mooer cali fried mien matchbox micro preamps

Mooer Audio has added another three classic preamp tones to its growing line of micro preamp pedals. These latest additions include the Cali-Dual (011), the Fried Mien (012) and the Matchbox (013).

The Cali-Dual is based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier, the Fried Mien recreates the preamp of a Friedman The Brown Eye, and the Matchbox captures the sound of a Matchless C30 preamp. All the pedals feature dual channels, with independent three-band EQ, gain and volume for each channel and selectable speaker cabinet emulation. There are also two different modes for footswitch operation: On/Off and Channel A/B.

Like the other pedals in the line, the new micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. Mooer has developed them by directly analyzing real tube amplifiers to capture their sound, dynamics and response.

All the pedals run on a 9-volt center-pin negative power supply and can interface directly with your instrument, the output of your preamp, and preamp effects like overdrive and distortion. The output can connect to a power amp or to your amp’s effect return. You can also connect directly to a sound card and activate the speaker cab simulation for recording.

You can hear Mike Hermans’ demo all three new pedals in the video below. For more information, visit Mooer Audio’s website.