As usual, the Winter NAMM show unleashed on us a tsunami of new pedals (see our coverage here and here).

However, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity given to us by the first month of 2019 to see what devices stood out from the crowd during the previous twelve months.

Since Delicious Audio is an aggregator of pedal news and doesn’t do reviews, our “Best Stompboxes of 2018″ chart is an aggregate of lists compiled by other pedal-focused webzines, videographers and publications. Up to this point, this is the list of relevant year end list we found: Reverb.com, The Pedal Zone, Dennis Kayzer, BestGuitarEffects.com, Popular Mechanics, Pedals and Effects, JHS Pedals, Thomann and Vintage King. Our aggregate chart is based on them.

Some of these lists (like the Pedal Zone’s one) assigned a specific “chart position” to each effect, while others (like the JHS one) just mentioned a list of devices in no particular order. To add these results up, we decided to assign a value of 10 to any pedal that was given the #1 spot. Second places generated a 9 point value, third places 8 points and so on. Pedals beyond the 9th position got just 1 point. Lists that didn’t specify an order generated 5 points for each pedal included.

Here are the results!

OBNE Dweller
Southampton Indie Dream
Dwarfcraft Devices Witch Shifter
EQD Westwood
Malekko Downer
Rainger FX Reverb X
Caroline Hawaiian Pizza
Dr. Scientist The Atmosphere
Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon
Emma Navigator
Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo
Gamechanger Audio Plus
Invention Sound Pedal 1981
Keeley Aria
Keeley Caverns
Land Devices HP2
Line6 HX Stomp
OBNE Flat Light
Octopuss Stomp Audio Lab
Rainger FX Bleep
Wampler Fuzztration
WMD Geiger Counter Pro
Victory The Sheriff V4 Preamp
Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff
Vertex Steel String Drive
REVV G3 Distortion
Headrush Gigboard
Source Audio True Spring
Neunaber Immerse MkII
Walrus Audio Fathom
Alexander Quadrant
OBNE Reflector
Subdecay Qasar
Caroline Parabola
Dwarfcraft Devices Grazer
EBS Retracer
JHS Bonsai
GoldSoundFX Electroman