McGregor Pedals Crunch Plus

Vancouver’s McGregor Pedals recently unveiled an “upscale” version of their Crunch Transparent Overdrive, the Crunch Plus. This circuit adds a third gain stage and a second clipping stage to the original circuit, giving you the transparent tones of its cousin a low gain but taking things to a new level of saturation at higher gain levels.

A trim pot on the side of the pedal allows you to tone down the brightness of the LED.

Here are the videos of the McGregor Pedals Crunch Plus


  • Gain: This controls the amount of gain driving the pedal’s hard clipping. Minimum setting is similar to the Crunch Transparent Overdrive on 3/4 gain with a bit of an edge. The Crunch Plus pedal never loses that edge, it builds on it as you bring up the gain.
  • Tone: A mid-range control that works very much like the tone control on most guitars.
  • Vol: This Attenuates the amplified and clipped signal after it leaves the tone filter.
  • Trimpot on side of pedal (unmarked) LED Brightness:
    As someone who plays daytime outdoor shows, I wanted a super bright LED; however, this made it horrible to use in any other situation. So, I added a trimpot to that allows you to vary the LED Brightness from dark stage to bright sun. Please make the adjustment gently using a jeweler’s screwdriver.


  • Type: Medium-Gain Overdrive Pedal
  • Hand soldered in Vancouver, Canada
  • High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
  • True bypass with soft-click switch
  • Three topside controls – Volume, Tone, Gain
  • LED Brightness controlled by side-mounted variable resistor (trim pot)
  • Low power draw: 9 – 13mA (9v) depending on LED setting
  • Audio Jacks and Power Connection located at the top end to help with packed pedal boards
  • 2.6? x 4.8? x 1.5? (66.5mm x 122mm x 38mm) – height excludes knobs and switches