Mattoverse Electronics has released QuadraMix, a four-input, dual-output mixer in a compact, heavy-duty pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

Quadramix can be used to feed multiple sources into a guitar or bass amplifier, or as a headphone amplifier for quiet rehearsal. It features two high-impedance inputs designed for guitar and bass and two low-impedance inputs for keyboards, synths and drum machines, along with enough gain to overdrive either the inputs or outputs.

Its features include heavy-duty offboard Switchcraft and Neutrik jacks, four 1/4-inch mono inputs, each with its own volume control, and a master volume with two 1/4-inch mono outputs.

The QuadraMix sells for $149 Street and will be available in limited quantities directly from Mattoverse Electronics and through the Mattoverse Electronics Reverb Shop. To learn more about the QuadraMix, check out the video below.