We profiled Mattoverse Electronics some time ago in this article, and since then the small Wisconsin manufacturer has added a bunch of really interesting designs to its line.

The builder’s latest stompbox is an update to their Inflection Point multi-wave tremolo/vibrato pedal with tap tempo and clock input – the new version is identical but in a smaller, compact-size, case.

You can pick the kind of the effect you want from a toggle switch placed at the bottom of the controls, and then select from eight waves ranging from your regular sine to more adventurous ones like Pulse or Sweep to downright unpredictable ones like the two with the word “Random” in their names.

The Space knob controls the “resonant ambience,” while the always useful Blend control lets you dial back in the clean signal.

Check out the videos of the Mattoverse Inflection Point, below.

Inflection Point from Mattoverse Electronics is a powerful modulation effects pedal that works great with guitar, bass, or synths and is capable of producing a huge variety amplitude and pitch modulation effects.  Featuring 8 waveforms, onboard tap tempo, clock/sync input, resonant ambience (space) control, true bypass, and a toggle to choose between Tremolo or Vibrato mode. These features combined with dry/wet blend and output level controls allow you to dial in all manner of subtle or extreme modulation effects.

  • 8 User Selectable Waveforms including two Random settings
  • Onboard Tap Tempo & Clock/Sync Input (0-20v)
  • Space control to add resonant ambience
  • Pedalboard-friendly top-mounted jacks