A 11

V3 of the Matthews FX Architect Foundational Overdrive adds an independent boost circuit to the company’s classic circuit, with two diode flavor options: Silicon or Mosfet.

These other features are inherited from the previous version:

The EQ in the Architect V3 gives you active control over the Treble, Mids and Lows. Acitvely boost or cut these frequencies to dynamically shape your guitars tone to perfectly match your guitar/amp combination.

Three different clipping options to give you 3 different colors of gain which helps you dial in the Architect to work great with any guitar or amp combination you are using. -Silicon – Very tight and crunchy -Diode LIft – Only the slight natural clipping great for pushing a dirty amp -Germanium – Compressed and tight.

Here are some demos of the Architect V3:

This is the demo Matthews FX’s owner Rick Matthews shot at our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booth!

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.