Germany, considered the manufacturing engine of Europe, may not be the first (or the tenth) country that comes to mind when you think of guitar effects, but Munich-based Ohmless Pedals is working on changing that.

The boutique pedal company, which has been churning out stylish looking stompboxes since 2014, has two different lines, totaling up to 10 pedals, each meticulously hand-wired and emblazoned with distinctive artwork. It’s hard to not fall in love with the look and feel of these devices, so we sink our teeth in a little further and explore the products Ohmless has to offer.

First up is Ohmless Pedals’ “The Beauty of Sound” series. The line is composed of three pedals, the Lorena Overdrive, the Yara compressor, and the Boar fuzz (recently featured in The Living Room Gear’s list of the 10 best pedals ever!).

These pedals are united under their versatility, dynamic capabilities, and the gorgeous artwork that adorns their exteriors.

The second line from Ohmless is their “Workbench” series. The seven pedals may not be flashy but are essential, workhorse-types that should be in any pedal geek’s toolkit. They include an A/B input regulator (the Valve), a boost (the Detonator), a signal splitter (the Hatchet) and a few other utility boxes, including the intriguing Double Expression (through foot-knobs!) device called Double InkPot.