LPD Pedals Dutch² Dual Overdrive

The LPD Pedals Dutch² is the latest dual overdrive circuit by what’s probably one of the most prolific boutique pedal companies of the decade.

It’s a dual version of a one-channel limited version pedal that you won’t easily find in the second-hand market, whose tone is described by some as a “Timmy into a Plexi.”

This version has two of them next to each other with separate footswitches and a toggle switch that lets you stack them or play them one at a time, with separate controls for Level, Drive, Bass, and Treble.

Dutch² Dual Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

The new Dutch² dual overdrive is the latest evolution of the Dutch lineage. Two independent Dutch circuits bring all the tone and feel of the original circuit with the ability to select between each or stack together for great gain staging tones. Each circuit features Level for overall volume control, Drive to adjust the amount of overdrive, a pre-clipping Bass control for the low frequency content and Treble to balance the high frequency content. A gold mine of tone!


  • Soft touch true bypass switching
  • 9 volt DC operation
  • 4.65” x 3.65” x 2”
  • 14 oz