landdevices ep51

The EP-5 by Land Devices is a boost/preamp pedal based on the preamp unit of the Echoplex featuring also a buffer. It can add warmth and sparkle to your cleans and fatten up your dirt or single coils with the EP5 button engaged to maximum gain – the three settings are: glassy, fat and cranked. The pedal features increased headroom thanks to an internal charge pump that doubles the voltage.

Comes with a mystery knob which, according to this video by the Sound Parcel, increases the “sweetness”!

The EP-5 is a preamp unit, based on the Echoplex. It provides a boost and includes a buffer. Add warmth and sparkle to your cleans, fatten up your dirt or single coils, use it for leads, or get extra nasty stacking gain. Switch between three different settings: glassy, fat and cranked! An internal charge pump doubles the voltage for more headroom.

Comes with a mystery knob.