Klinger Fuzz Bee

The Roland AF-100 BeeBaa Fuzz was a unique (and uniquely cumbersome) fuzz & treble booster from the ’70s, but its sound convinced enough guitarists to make do with its huge footprint.

Australian guitarist/builder Shaun Klinger made a convincing clone of it, hosted in an enclosure that’s about 1/4th of the original. Interestingly, the right footswitch alternates between Boost (controlled by the first knob on the left) and Fuzz (controlled by the other three knobs). Obviously, the two circuits can be stacked on top of each other, with earth-shaking results.

A toggle switch on the right panel gives you access to two different voicings for the fuzz: a darker/fuller one and a brighter one, that takes out a lot of bess from the signal.

Brett Kingman demoed it in the video below.