Here’s a fun video of the new, limited series octave fuzz by KHDK, cruelly named Unicorn Blood – don’t let your toddler see it or hear it!

The pedal delivers an authentic vintage fuzz tone through its discrete transistors and germanium diodes, but features a flexible modern design that allows for musical tweaks through an EQ section, a separate octave circuit with “Octatone” level, and three tone-affecting toggle switches.

Unicorn Blood is a fuzz pedal like no other: trippy, hyper-versatile, a true miracle worker. It’s retro at heart, taking an iconic sound of an unforgettable era and beaming it straight into 2018 with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone and additional EQ controls.

Each of the 100-piece limited series is handwired in KHDK’s custom shop and ships with a bag of Unicorn Blood espresso blend by Dark Matter Coffee.

Vintage-voiced yet modern, Unicorn Blood fuzz brings the best tones of the 60s and 70s into the modern day. It entraps a classic retro fuzz, elevating it with tweakable features to create your own tonal blend.

Step aboard a rainbow-colored sonic ride, expand your creative horizon and harness the rush reserved for those who partake of Unicorn Blood.

Unicorn Blood’s design uses discrete transistors and germanium diodes for an authentic vintage fuzz tone with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone and separate EQ controls.