Robert Keeley has made a name for himself for his compressor pedal designs (more than 50k were sold up to this point!), so there is always a lot of curiosity when he puts out a new one.

The Keeley Compressor Plus updates the classic design with an integrated expander/sustainer – “Not only does it act as a regular compressor, limiting the peaks in your playing, it adds more and more gain as notes fade out.”

Here’s an excerpt from the manufacturer’s web page:

This compressor isn’t just for heavy funk or chicken picking anymore.  The new Compressor Plus is for players wanting a smooth, subtle wash from their guitar. Remove just the right amount of peaks for an ambient layer and then blend in the right amount of treble for a nice shimmer to your guitar.  Use with your favorite fuzz to create a wall of tone like you’ve only heard on records.  Looping has never been easier than with this compressor.  Consider it an essential tool when creating loops that sound well balanced.  Forget it all and use the Compressor Plus for the best amp boost you’ve heard.

More info here, check out the video by ProGuitarShop below.