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Livingroom Gear Demos
Sep 7, 2017

Keeley Electronics will have a presence at the 7th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. The Oklahoma manufacturer recently unveiled version 2 of their take on the Tape Echo style Delay with Reverb, called Caverns, an effects that blends their two most popular time based effects.

V2 builds on the old Caverns pedal by giving players a more open and logical control layout and more space between the foot switches.

For an analog stompbox, this pedal is packed with features:

  • Three reverb modes: Spring, Modulation and Shimmer.
  • Up to 650ms of delay
  • Three-way switchable modulation for adding wow and flutter to the repeats.
  • Trails option gives you the freedom to create huge caverns of sounds and let them ring out even after you turn the pedal off.


Living Room Gear Demos just published this video of the pedal, check it out!

Guitar: Fender Baja Telecaster
Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial
Cables: Toaster Cables –
Patch cables: Mulder Audio –