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Jam Pedals are a unique boutique pedal manufacture from Greece I stumbled across at this year’s NAMM. They specialize in crafting vintage-inspired designs that use high quality components and feature custom artwork. One thing I found really cool is that they do customized point-to-point combo pedals. So if you wanted a pedal that had two pedals in one they would make it for you. Very cool! Each pedal is uniquely painted by in-house artists.

Their newest offering is a tremolo pedal called the Big Chill.

Key Features Include:

  • true-bypass
  • 3 different waveforms: square/sine/triangle, selectable with a toggle switch
  • 2 different speeds each one selectable with a footswitch
  • an expression pedal input to control speed #2
  • an expression pedal input to control depth
  • a third footswitch to engage the¬†CHOP effect¬†!

These features coupled with boutique fidelity make for a very intriguing Tremolo. –Gus Green