We briefly covered the Greenchild K818 in our Klones shopping guide a few weeks ago. Roman from Shnobel Tone” just posted a demo video of it on YouTube so we are taking the opportunity to repost it.

This is a very intriguing and unique pedal because it features recreations of the two most popular overdrive circuits ever created: the Tube Screamer and the Klon. The two circuits can be used separately or combined, and feature the classic three knob controls of the originals.

Greenchild Amps is a rather new, family operated company based in Santa Fe, NM, although it was founded in Kentucky in 2013. They seem to have a knack for pedals featuring more than one circuit, and powered with boosted PSUs, which allows for more headroom.

They currently have two other pedals under their belt:  The Tribus Drive features three independently voiced channels, with MOSFET based distortion,  in one pedal, great for boost stacking. The Greenchild G777 is presented as a transparent Dual Overdrive with flexible EQ options.

 Clicking on the images will open the pedal’s video. 

Check out the demo of the K818 below.

Signal Chain, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Greenchild K818, TC Electronic Alter Ego X4, Marshall JMP 100w Super Lead