Apr15 LNU Keeley Sojourner Fuzz Verb web1 e1429558970935

Edmond, Oklahoma manufacturer Keeley Electronics just announced the release of the Sojourner Fuzz/Reverb, a pedal that will surely tickle the curiosity of guitarists into psych rock and shoegaze, genres that make heavy use of both effects, normally in the same chain.

The fuzz side of the circuit is based off the Keeley’s Psi Fuzz. Utilizing both op-amps and the now legendary germanium transistors, this pedal produces a full-range fuzz boasting solid bass, and a gorgeous mid-range.

The reverb side is where the Sojourner really shines though: it is based on the Aurora reverb, including two new settings: shimmer and reverse reverb. Via the control knobs, the reverb sounds can be greatly manipulated to create ambient effects ranging from tiny to epic.

One of the coolest features of this pedal is the insert in/out, that allows you to run any amount of pedals in between the two effects, so it’s really like having two separate pedals in one – and at a discount, since the PSI and Aurora would cost you $348, while the Sojourner sells at $299 on Keeley’s website.

Here’s a quick demo of the Sojourner coming directly from Robert Keeley’s YouTube account; we are sure there will be some more comprehensive ones available soon. – Brandon Stoner