In the world of stompboxes, innovation is the name of the game, and we are always excited to bring to our audience the most cutting edge new products. That’s why we are very proud to have hosted, at our recent Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, the launch of what will be remembered as a game-changing new stompable device.

Inspired by the absolutely true notion that “tone is in your head,” our friends at Effects & Pedals Arena Corner¬†worked incredibly hard to engineer the very first effect that truly makes¬†everything sound better: the Stomp-Bong!**

Through a deceptively simple proprietary circuit, the Stomp-Bong is the first in its kind dual channel stompbox that affects both the guitar’s tone and the player’s brain!

While the guitar channel is a fixed BOSS Metal Zone clone, the “player’s channel” can be modded with a variety of substances that can affect the performance in various way.

The creative possibilities are infinite and literally mind-blowing, in particular for those who purchase the optional extension tube, pictured below!

Check out the video of the Stomp-Bong and, below, the full Effects & Pedals Arena Corner coverage of the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2018!

**The “circuit” inside the Stomp-Bong is actually a vaporizer, but “Stomp-Bong” sounds way better than any name variation with the word “vape” in it!