Designed by South-East Melbourne, Australia’s Dazatronyx, the SPOT is a Stereo Panning Optical Tremolo with some interesting features.

Your standard “Speed” and “Depth” knobs are integrated with a Boost knob that allows to compensate for any signal loss or actually boost the signal even more (the “Pad” switch also helps taming overly hot signals).

Square and sine waves are selectable from the left toggle switch, while the phase one on its right switches between mono and stereo tremolo.

Check out the video by Brett Kingman, below.

By shining a fading light against a photo-sensitive material, this tremolo uses all analog photo-coupling to restrict and vary the output. After a decade of development I’ve created this completely,unique circuit, as my ideal tremolo sound.

This is a stereo variation of my smaller Optical Tremolo. It can take a stereo input, or split a mono guitar input between two amplifiers. The out-of-phase switch changes the oscillator of each channel to be out of sync – so one comes up in volume while the other drops. This creates a strange swirling effect. All original analog circuitry and true bypass mechanical switching.

*Photograph of internals is for a guide of construction quality only. Parts and techniques used may vary slightly with availability.