Emmergy FX Dial-Up Filter Fuzz

Hailing from the UK, the Emmergy FX Dial-Up Filter Fuzz is a playful fuzz + filter pedal that will lead the player as easily to sonic discovery or aural disintegration.

The left side of the pedal, controlled by the left footswitch, consists of an overdrive circuit with Volume and Gain controls that can deliver fuzzy tones at high settings.

The right side is a fuzz with a filter, and that’s where things get interesting. The Filter and Freq knobs interact with each other in often unpredictable ways, producing sounds from the fuzzy to the synthy to the gnarly and weird.

You can hear the range of sounds generated by the Emmergy FX Dial-Up Filter Fuzz in the video below.

Emmergy FX Dial-Up Filter Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The Dial-up Filter Fuzz takes the already crazy Dial-Up Fuzz to the next level of tone discovery and destruction. The sheer depth of tones is far beyond what many might fathom, needs to be tried to be truly believed