With its art depicting sirens from the Greek mythology (whose sensual and droney singing proved irresistible for horny sailors), the Navigator, by Danish pedal builder Emma Electronic offers an elegant take on the tap-tempoed delay with modulation circuit.

While most of the controls on this pedal are pretty straight forward, we were a little confused about the function of the “Second” knob, so we asked Kevin from Emma’s US Distributor to shed some light:

What’s that “Second” knob all about?

The Second knob deals with the “beat-split delay repeats,” i.e. the repeats that fall in between the main delay’s ones and whose timing is controlled by the subdivision toggle switch (the options here are 1/2, 2/3 or 3/4 of the original delay time). The Second knob acts like a  a “mix” knob between the volume of the main delay and these extra repeats, perfectly balancing their volumes in the center position and delivering 0% – 100% levels at extreme settings.

Is there a particular significance behind the color of the knobs?

Black knobs are primary functions – Delay Time, Delay Level, Feedback & Color. White knobs are secondary functions – Beat-split repeat level (second) and modulation (Depth & Speed)

The Navigator is the pinnacle of elegant simplicity – it offers everything you need in a delay pedal, and nothing you don’t. Tap-tempo, modulation, beat-splits, trails, wet/dry outputs – All this and more in a compact, pedalboard friendly package that’s simple to use.

Combining the best of analog and digital technology, the Navigator offers practical, usable delay functions in a unique configuration that can generate classic delay tones as well as many unique new sounds.

The Navigator’s hybrid circuit keeps the dry signal path 100% analog to avoid signal latency and digital sterility.

The delayed signal is created using a custom-coded DSP that allows for delay times of up to 1 second which can be adjusted via tap-tempo and also beat-split to create rhythmic, “multi-tap” effects.

The delayed signal is then fed back into the analog realm where Color, Level and Feedback controls add additional warmth and realism to the effect.

Lastly, an optional digital modulation section can create a variety of secondary effects, from tape echo “warble” to lush chorus and flanging.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Navigator is a separate Level control for the second, beat-split delay repeats. This option allows the user to emphasize the second delay voice, or to turn the main delay off entirely to create interesting new rhythmic effects. The second delay has the option to be set at one-half, two-thirds, or three-quarter intervals against the main delay, allowing for “dotted eighth” and other classic multi-tap delay effects.