Emma Electronic DiscumBOBulator V2
The Emma Electronic DiscumBOBulator V2 is an autowah/envelope filter pedal that aims to improve the filter-triggering, dynamic range, and headroom signal of the original DiscumBOBulator, which was widely praised as one of the best pedals in its category. It also features an independent 10dB boost that can enhance the solo sounds.

DiscumBOBulator V2 offers a variety of sounds, from funk tones to cocked wah sounds to synth-like tones, through its easy-to-use control set. It has a wide frequency spectrum that makes it suitable for any instrument, from guitar to bass to keys. It has a proprietary all-analog circuit that ensures precise tracking, both on single notes and chords, and avoids the volume peaks or dips that are common to other filter pedals.

DiscumBOBulator V2 is designed for both recording studios and live performances. It combines the versatility, reliability, and fun of the original DiscumBOBulator with the enhanced features and quality of a modern pedal.