Dreadbox Kinematic

Those of you looking for an envelop filter pedal with some serious filter may want to check out the new KINEMATIC by Greece’s Dreadbox, a company with an extensive and very successful background in desktop synthesizers.

The Dreadbox Kinematic is actually a lot more than that, featuring a two-mode circuit that includes a VCA Compressor with band boost filter, an Envelope Filter with Low Pass, an overdrive circuit and a Boost that can push your volume up to 18dbs.  A toggle switch alternates between Envelop Filter mode and the more nuanced “Comp Colour” mode, which behaves more like a strip channel (compressor + EQ).

As you may expect from a synth manufacturer, the pedal is CV compatible thanks to three 1/8″ patch points at the top: the first two from the left allow control of Filter and Level, while the third sends a CV signal out to control external devices.

The pedal will be available in April 2021 but a few YouTubers already have a unit, and they have demoed it in the videos below. We added it to our list of the Best Filter Pedals with CV In.