DMC 71

Disaster Area’s newly released DMC-7 and DMC 4-B (big brothers of the DMC -3 and DMC-6) are designed to give guitarists more control over the complex function of their Midi equipped pedals, placing at the tip of their foot functions often only accessible through heavy “finger action”. What you can use this pedal for is limited only by your imagination: cycle through presets, flip back and forth between effects, synchronize pedals and activate them simultaneously, activate “secret” functions…

The DMC-7 – the flagship of the series – stands out with its extra built in tuner.

Here’s a list of other interesting functions:

– The TRS Insert input can turn your passive volume pedal into a buffered pedal.
– The DMC section is configured with an additional dedicated tap footswitch.
– The tap footswitch connects to isolated tap output, allowing slaving other tap tempo devices such as the DD-20, Panther, Flint.

Here is a Demo for the DMC -3. So Imagine what you can do with even more controls on the DMC 4-B or 7