Cooper FX Outward V2

The Cooper FX Outward V2 is a digital sampling device that records audio and plays it back in different ways (freezing, stutter, and time stretching effects) depending on the mode. V2 adds a new line of mini-knobs to fine-tune Clock, Tone, Mix and Volume and a new PIT l DIR function that sets the balance of dry signal and octave signal.

With this control at 12:00, there will be no octave effect. As you turn it CCW, you blend in a lower octave.
Turning the control CW will introduce an upper octave

You can find more info in the manual here – we pasted most of it under the videos.

Here’s a Knob video of V1

The Outward is a digital sampling device that records audio and plays it back in different ways, depending on the
mode. With freezing, stutter, and time stretching effects, there’s a lot the Outward is capable of.

CLOCK: Adjusts the speed at which the DSP chip runs, ranging from 10kHz (CCW) to 60 kHz (CW). When CCW, the
sampling time will be extended, but will be noisier and of lower audio quality.

CLOCK ALT: Snaps the clock to fifths and octaves. Turn the alt control all the way CCW to have no
quantization, turn past noon to enable the clock to snap to fifths and octaves.

TONE: Low pass filtercontrol, useful for cutting down on noise resulting from decreasing the CLOCK control, and in
taming the harshness of the digital signal. **CANNOT BE SAVED TO A PRESET

MIX: Balance between the dry and wet volumes. **CANNOT BE SAVED TO A PRESET

VOL: Volume of the wet signal. **CANNOT BE SAVED TO A PRESET

FRZ|TAP: Can be used to lock the recorded sample into the buffer, preventing it from being overwritten, as well as
being used to tap in a tempo. Note, the tap control does not apply to every mode. To initiate tap, press the
footswitch at least twice. To override the tap control, simply adjust the knob the tap control is affecting (ie, to turn
off tap on SPD but not the SIZE, turn the SPD knob and not the SIZE knob).
The FRZ function is both latching and momentary. If you do a quick press on the button, the FRZ will be latching.
Hold the footswitch (>1/2 second) and you will have the FRZ control be momentary.

**A note on tap tempo visualization: The top pushbutton/led will indicate the LFO tempo, the bottom
pushbutton/led will blink in time with the SIZE tempo. These will only flash if the tap tempo is assigned to a
parameter (ie, if the bottom led is flashing, then you are seeing the SIZE value you tapped in. If the top led is
flashing, then you are seeing the LFO speed you tapped in. If one or both of the LEDs are not flashing, then tap
tempo is not applied to the specified control)

BYPASS: Relay true bypass control. Can either be momentary or latching, depending on how long the switch is
held. Hold for >1/2 second to use it as momentary. Tap it quickly to have the control be latching.

PRST BUTTON: quickly press to scroll up through modes. Preset selection/loading will be entered by holding the
button until the push buttons begin to blink in unison.

ALT BUTTON: quickly press to scroll down through the modes. To enter the alt control mode, hold the alt button,
wait for the corresponding mode LED to begin flashing, then adjust desired knob’s secondary control.

PRESETS: The Outward has four onboard presets. Enter preset selection/save mode by holding the PRST button
until both buttons are blinking in unison. Scroll up/down preset slots (indicated by the three smaller LED’s) using
the pushbuttons. When on the desired preset you can either LOAD what you have saved in the selected slot by
holding the FRZ footswitch. You can alternatively SAVE to the selected preset slot by holding down the BYPASS
footswitch. Mix, Tone, and Volume settings will not be saved into the preset slot.

**NOTE that there are no presets saved on the Outward when initially shipped. All presets will be user created**
EXP/CV: Assign expression or CV to any of the digital controls (SPD|SNS, SIZE, PIT|DIR, CLOCK) by doing the
-Insert EXP or CV
– with the EXP at heel down or CV at a minimum, set the minimum value of the exp/cv sweep using the
– With EXP at toe down or CV at a maximum, set the maximum value of the exp/cv sweep again using
the desired knob.
– EX: desire to control SPD with expression (useful in MANUAL direction in Time-Stretch B)
o Insert expression pedal
o With your Heel down, set the knob at the desired position.
o With toe down, select the knob to the desired toe position
o Now the exp is assigned to the SPD knob and will scroll through the buffer with start and end
points dictated by the heel down and toe down positions.

Lifetime warranty for all manufacturer errors. If it is my fault, I will fix it. This can be voided by doing things such as
but not limited to: plugging in 18v, inserting more than +5v on the expression/cv jack, using a mono cable in the
exp/cv jack, etc. Otherwise I will likely fix it for free.